Another great online diagram desinger

I introduced a free diagram tool at 2 years back. Today I found another simple yet useful tool which can just do it online.


This is another awesome free diagram tool, is useful as long as you can online, and its graphic is nice.



  1. [免費] Diagramly 免裝軟體,輕鬆在網頁上繪製流程圖、示意圖

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Free and simple diagram designer

I cannot afford Visio, I don’t like to draw in MS Word, and I just need to draw a simple diagram.

I found this Diagram Designer, it is simple and has everything I needs.

(I can’t remember how i found this software, probably from, but it is not there anymore, :-p )

The software is straight forward, drag the shape you want and drop it to the canvas, to format the text inside shape, just follow the text formatting code while do it. For example, to show Bold text, just put \BBold\b in the textbox.

There are more features to discover, and you will find it useful.

Software link:

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