WPF Performance – General

Deal with Performance in WPF applications

This article tells the basic thread structure of WPF (which I thinks is important for me right now as I need to know that for the WPF performance tuning), some tricks and basic concepts of WPF design.

Good article (I said that because probably I can understand them now after some time :P, also if the article can explain in more simpler way when compare to Microsoft documents)

Try to follow WPF design concept to have a best performance (MVVM, Display UI on the fly,…)

Next post will be some technical findings when I works on WPF performance.

A Good Post to Read About WPF, Read the Comments as well !

I receive this article from codeproject email, and…. I got the same feeling as well because the WPF is the hardest part to pick up in my current project!

Six years of WPF; what’s changed?

I only have 20 months + experience in WPF so no comment on the revolutions of WPF, but please take some time to read the comments below, it is worth to read them.