About (必看)

会看华文的,先顺便看看我的第一篇 blog :


想过把这篇 blog 放出来成为新的一页,想想还是算了,搭在这一页就可以了。

。。。 ~ 。。。~ 。。。




Some conventions of my posts

I think the most headache part of my posts is how to categorise them, luckily wordpress has the feature tag cloud and category cloud, anyway I dun think my way of categorize is perfect, but it may just suit to me for present (Might change in future).

Currently I will emphasize on tag cloud, category cloud is just for me to mark the relevant field if got

  • Visual Basic 6.0 will tag as VB6
  • Micorsoft SQL Server 2000, 2005, 2008 will tag as MSSQL, categorise as Database
  • SQL statement (pl/sql,myqsl,mssql, etc) will tag as SQL
  • C#, Visual Basic.Net will tag as C#, VB.Net, categorise as .NetFramework
  • Web technologies will tag according to its technology used (i.e. Javascript, php, Asp.Net…), categorise as Web.

Others will update in future when present.

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