Add keyboard query shortcuts to your SQL Query Windows

You can add the frequently use s.procedure as your keyboard shortcut in your query analyzer(sql 2000) or sql server management studio.

For example, you always need sp_helptext to check existing s.proc in your database, you may type “sp_helptext myStoreProcedure” in your query screen, and hit “F5” to see the outcome.

Now you have faster way to do that, by attach sp_helptext to a keyboard shortcut,

  1. Go to “Tools -> Options”
  2. When Options screen pop up, go to “Environment -> Keyboard”.
  3. Key in “sp_helptext” in the keyboard shortcut you want, refer to image below, in this case is taking “CTRL + F1” shortcut.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Restart Query Analyzer/ SQL Server Management Studio to let the changes take effect.

How to use?

Highlighted the s.procedure you want to check, press “CTRL + F1”, this will call up sp_helptext shortcut that you set up in earlier steps, the content of the stored procedure will be shown immediately in Results pane.

Picture reference:

You can also add your own s.proc to keyboard shortcut, it never restrict to system s.procedure.

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