Commond Prompt for Visual Studio .Net

If you install Visual Studio 2005, you would not face this problem, because the commond prompt and other tools already appear in your classical Windows Start Menu.

However if you install Visual Studio Express Edition, you would not get any shortcuts for those tools, let say you need the command prompt which support Visual Studio .Net, you need to type “cmd” in ‘Run’ dialog, and change the directory to .NetFramework folder.

Unfortunately I using Express edition in office, therefore I need to work around to get the ‘Visual Studio Command Prompt’. After compare with ‘real’ Visual Studio command prompt, below is my work around, the key is:

  1. Call a new console screen from batch file.
  2. Attach necessary path for .Net in new console screen, so you do not need to change to .Net directory when u need the command in .Net.

Please refer to your own .Net Framework version when doing this, example below is just for .Net version 2.0 .


  1. Create an empty batch file, insert line in # 2 into batch file, DO include double quote.
  2. cmd /K “path=%path%;C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727&&cls”
  3. Place the batch file in appropriate directory, create a shortcut for the batch file.
  4. Select Properties of the shortcut, change ‘Start in:‘ from current directory to ‘C:\(arbitrary directory)’
  5. Now double click the shortcut, Windows prompt up a clean cmd console screen which support .Net Framework command (since already setup in PATH).


Explaination for step # 2:

  • Command string after /K will be carry out and apply to new console process.
  • the ‘&&’ is the separator for seperated commands in same line, the line above consists two commands, first is append the path, second is clear the screen after append path.


Explanation for steps # 3 and # 4:

  • There are two ways to set the PROMPT in console window, the first way already show in steps 3 & 4, so you just put any startup directory you like in step 4.
  • The second way, you need to amend step 2 a bit, change it to below:

cmd /K “path=%path%;C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\


Ya, it is just add in another command for new console screen (Set the PROMPT=C:\Windows$G).


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