Easy syntax highlighting in WordPress

Since I going to upload lot of code in this blog, the code posting will be my main concern.

Before that I thought this WordPress just work like Blogger when I want to use the SyntaxHighlighter , however I cannot open wordpress theme source to add in code for calling SyntaxHighlighter.

After few minutes of google, the wordpress plugin seems is the one will provide syntaxhighlighter feature, but it need me to download a zip file and put it to my local PC in order to get this feature ……

I knew that there are two type of blog hosting method in wordpress, the first one is fully online, like my case, and the second one is host your blog in your local PC ( I guess), thus I thought all my findings only for local blog hosting.

It is my luck before i give up, I give a try to my previous post when i saw this wordpress faq. Yes, just simply wrap your code with:

and update.

You know what i am trying to tell you, YES, the code is highlighted without my expectation. WoooWou, it just work great.

Let check out some other interesting stuffs in that faq page, What are the WordPress shortcodes? , Using Google Maps , hmm… interesting stuffs and should try them later…

Okie now test with few samples:

C# sample:

using System;
public Class ClassTest
      private void SomeMethodHere()

VB6 sample:

Dim str as String
str = "This is not a string?"

Great !


How do I post source code?

What are the WordPress shortcodes?

Using Google Maps

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